Gagan / Sky

We need the sky to be clean free of all pollutants and harmful substances to maintain environmental balance and avoid conditions like smog and acid rains.

The Sky needs to be kept clean for normal process of evaporation and formation of clouds which not only provides a natural shelter from harmful radiations but also results in providing clean water through rains at regular intervals.

We need to protect our skies from pollutants like Chloro Flouro Carbons and other harmful reactants which are resulting in degradation and depletion of Ozone Layer of our atmosphere and affecting the human lives badly. The same would be achieved by using eco-friendly green technologies and in various sectors.

Smart Systems

The clean skies and clean atmosphere (ionosphere in particular) facilitate the smooth transfer of waves and frequencies resulting thereby an efficient wireless communication on earth through satellites and other radio frequency emitting devices.

Under the Smart Systems initiative we are trying to evolve a self-sustainable and feasible structure for security of children, women and senior citizens of the country. Such projects would be undertaken in close conjunction with state and central authorities and would help various authorities in carrying out their monitoring and control functions. SGPL Partner in this field are some of the top Global players who are well known in security and surveillance domain and are working now with Indian team to make the solutions affordable and come out with innovative structures for their implementation.