Pavak / Fire

Pavak, the synonym for Fire or Energy which also signifies the heat, the light and the energy is another integral element of nature and balance of the same needs to be maintained at appropriate levels. This balance is tried to be achieved with the help of smart solutions which help conserving the trees and other non relpenishable fast depleting resources like coal, petrol products and gas and more use ofrenewables.

In order to achieve this balance we also strive to reduce the losses occurring due to various reasons in transmission and distribution of power as "Power Saved is equivalent to Power Generated" which would in turn lead to less pressure on non-renewable resources.

Projects across the Globe have been undertaken and successfully completed in area of Grid Optimisation, AMI, Outage Management Peak Load Management and Power Quality Management by Smart Grid Partners and advance level talks are on with public and private sector utilities in different states of India to jointly undertake and complete such projects of small and large scale to reduce the burgeoning A T & C losses of power sector.

Smart Power

Power Saved = Power Generated

Solar Power

So much have been talked about the power of Sun that nothing more is needed accept the fact that we are also committed to harness the immense potential of Sun's Energy in the best possible manner. The Indian Solar Power projects team of Smart Grid is one of the most experienced teams in India and had played a major role in setting up of largest solar power project of the country in Charanka, Gujarat.