Sameera / Air

Air / Wind has the potential to blow away the economies when it is at its devastating best. However the same air / Wind when utilised properly results in generation of immense amount of energy. Wind is being used enormously around the Globe for generating energy but the efficiencies of these turbines had been quiet low. We at Smart Grid are working consistently to enhance the efficiencies of modern turbines and striving to achieve more and more energy from the existing turbines with the help of necessary modifications.

The air also need to be protected and kept clean as it is this air which we inhale and is the only source of oxygen required for our breathing. By promoting the more and more use of air to generate energy in integrated or disintegrated manner would result again in less burning of harmful fossil fuels and in turn less emission of carbon mixed gases in air.

Wind Power

The Smart Grid Japan team members have achieved a unique distinction of launching much advanced, low power consuming highly efficient micro wind turbines and these turbines have proved to be highly successful even in most adverse wind conditions.

The micro grid concepts of SGPL Japan and the integration techniques of different electricity frequencies based on the different sources of generation like solar, wind, thermal and hydro demonstrated by the Japan partners in joint projects with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry received whole hearted response from remotest possible areas for its robustness and faultless working.

These solutions are being brought in India for remotest possible locations like Laddakh and Rann of Kutch etc and parts of Africa to provide the benefits of such integrated solutions to maximum possible human beings.